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You Have to Dream to be a Real Team!

It is no secret that in today’s fast-paced business world, companies and organizations need to nurture dynamic and motivated teams with a “Together we are better!” mindset.

For 20 years DreamTeam Adventures has dependably helped groups throughout Thailand to optimize their teams and events. We diligently strive to inspire delegates to take the learning back to the workplace and their personal lives. We also love to make organizers shine.

So let us connect to your Team’s hearts, because that’s for sure where it all starts!

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DTA's Philosophy of Fun and Learning

“Teamwork” has a lot of meaning behind it, but it’s really not rocket science. There are certain fundamental concepts that all high-performing teams put into action on a regular basis: great support, communication, planning, creativity, calculated risk-taking, mutual respect, leadership, and perhaps most important of all, passion and compassion.

The more we integrate these elements into our organizational culture, the more likely we are to achieve our goals, it’s as simple as that.

So during any DreamTeam Adventures program, you can be assured a majority of these concepts will be highlighted with the help of our professional staff and stimulating, experiential-based learning activities.

Our team building programs also aim to remind participants that they are part of a larger, caring family—and with this family, their success is like anything else in life: “What they put into it, is what they’ll get out of it!”.

Why DTA?

Awesome SAFETY record, it’s paramount in all programs.
• Experienced, enthusiastic, English-speaking Facilitators.
• Excellent local knowledge.
• Effective programs based on sound training principles.
• Well-organized program logistics.
• Extensive team building program menu.
• Tailor-made events.
• Portable programs available throughout Thailand.
Green and Eco-friendly.
• Prompt and personal customer care.
• High quality + reasonable rates = great value.
• Passionate about fun, learning, and adventure!

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