DreamTeam Adventures

Virtual Programs: General

Several more broadly-scoped online team building events that focus on bonding and refreshing fundamental team concepts.

A) Virtual Meeting Enhancers

Program Summary:

If you need some stimulating team activities to help set an engaging and upbeat tone for your online meeting, or just want a refreshing breakout session, this program will get the job done with plenty of fun!

To achieve this goal we’ll present organizers with a list of effective and interactive virtual icebreakers, energizers and problem-solving activities to choose from (or we can likewise suggest a well-rounded set).

Available in sessions of either 30 min. (2-3 exercises) or 1 hr. (4-5 exercises), collaborative or competitive in nature as you wish.

While team concepts will naturally be highlighted, more than anything this program and activities aim to foster stronger personal relations in an informal, yet structured online setting. Let us connect your remote warriors!

Organizational Benefits:

  • Reinforcing general team skills
  • Energizing your online meetings
  • Team bonding & group synergy


B) Team Trivia Contest

Program Summary:

Online trivia contests have exploded in popularity in recent times, with many people enjoying this interactive way to have competitive fun, while demonstrating their brain power and learning new things.

It’s also a great way to learn more about teammates, and some of the strengths or knowledge they can bring to the table when innovating or problem-solving.

Utilizing your preferred video call app, plus a neat online trivia site, we’ll challenge your remote teams to work together with a balance of speed, quality control, and shared knowledge.

As for trivia content, we can use a variety of our general topics, or likewise incorporate your own list of company or project related trivia—which is a great way to make sure your team members are all on the same page regarding your objectives, strategies, product features, etc. Let the Mental Games begin!

Organizational Benefits:

  • Learning teammate strengths
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • team bonding & group synergy


C) DIY Team Discoveries

Program Summary:

It’s Showtime! And the entertainers are your dedicated DIY problem solvers, who’ll need all their ingenuity and good presentation skills to win our Virtual Golden Dragon Award!

After a quick Icebreaker or Energizer, then getting into our DIY Teams, we’ll introduce their main objective: using their own knowledge or a myriad of online sources, they’ll need to plan and organize themselves to make engaging and lively demo presentations to the group.

We have 2 versions of this event: ‘DIY Life Hack Show’ and ‘DIY Magic Show’. With the first they will need to source interesting and useful life hacks to present to their colleagues. With the second version the aim is to find and present simple but impressive magic tricks that will amaze and bewilder their teammates.

Besides the entertainment value, this event will enhance participants’ presentation skills and broaden their horizons in a fun way, so the result is great learning and laughs for all!

Organizational Benefits:

  • Collaboration, communication & planning
  • Team & resource management
  • Dynamic presentation skills


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