DreamTeam Adventures

Virtual Programs: Creative

Tap into your team’s crucial powers of creativity and innovation during these effective and energizing online events!

D) TeamSynch Challenge

Program Summary:

This enjoyably interactive event is designed to provide your RW’s with a great opportunity to show their talents, while stressing the importance of synchronicity in reaching team and organizational goals.

The format isn’t overly complex – teams will need to brainstorm, agree on, practice, and then present a short, dynamic, TeamSync Performance.

Each team can choose from 1 of 4 genre they’re comfortable and confident to perform including: ‘Lip-Synch & Air Guitar’, ‘Team Karaoke’, ‘Hand Dancing’ or ‘Bollywood Boogie’. Besides good team harmony and coordination, creative costumes and/or props will certainly help when it comes to judging.

Teams will be given their own private breakout room to plan and practice their performance, then it’s time to wow us all with their positive energy!

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Creativity, planning & coordination
  • Energizing your online meetings
  • Stress relief and team bonding


E) Team Art from the Heart

Program Summary:

For literally thousands of years groups and teams of people have used artistic mediums to express their culture and bond their hearts.

So it’s no surprise that online artwork can be a fun and effective way to unite our remote teams, while also tapping into their creative powers.

We have several versions of this event, including ‘Team Spreadsheet Art’, ‘Find Yourselves’, and ‘The Big Picture’. Our Lead Facilitators will work with you to determine which style is most suitable for your objectives.

All three versions include Icebreakers & Energizers before the teams go off to private rooms, where they’ll use various apps to collaborate and then present their artistic creations for judging.

We look forward to seeing your digital Da Vinci’s in action!

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Creativity, collaboration & execution
  • Team & resource management
  • Bonding & group synergy


F) Virtual Video Makers

Program Summary:

Lights, cameras, action! This event aims to tap into a myriad of valuable team skills, including creativity, planning, leadership, support, while also enhancing technical abilities.

After a couple of fun warm-up activities the teams will be briefed that they need to create a video presentation related to your organization’s products, services or goals (or can be totally off-the-wall and non-company related as well).

In their private breakout rooms, the teams will need to brainstorm ideas, delegate roles, and scavenge for props, while working together to make short, but inspiring 2-3 min. videos.

Their videos will be judged based on content, originality, team spirit, and entertainment value.

To be sure, we aren’t expecting Hollywood level productions, but we have had the pleasure of seeing many inspiring and laughter-filled results!

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Creativity, communication & planning
  • Delegating roles & responsibilities
  • Enhancing technical & presentation skills


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