DreamTeam Adventures

Virtual Programs: Strategizing

Excellent strategic planning, problem-solving, and communication skills are vital when taking on any of these efficient and thought-provoking online challenges.

G) Virtual Escape Rooms

Program Summary:

Escape Rooms are a very effective way to build and evaluate our teams. So it’s no surprise that the huge growth in remote working has more groups taking advantage of these benefits in an online setting.

Our virtual escape rooms incorporate a variety of puzzles, riddles, brain twisters and audio/visual clues to progress through the challenge.

Your teams will face a series of increasingly harder mini-Escape Rooms. The team which escapes from the most rooms within the alloted time will be Champs. To achieve this, they’ll need a plethora of crucial teams skills, from great strategizing to communication and leadership. Also given different personalities, the dynamics can also be very interesting.

Combined with fun Icebreaker/Energizers and facilitated de-briefing session at program’s end, these are complete and value-packed events!

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Analytical & problem-solving skills
  • Communication & mutual respect
  • Collaboration & resource management


H) The Betta Bowl

Program Summary:

This program is a take-off of the popular Shark Tank TV show, though our version takes an approach based more on mutual respect and good communication.

This is a very useful culture to foster in any business setting, where the open exchange of ideas inevitably leads to new solutions and great achievements.

Similar to the show, your teams of online entrepreneurs will need to brainstorm and come up with a mini-business idea promoting a new product or service. The teams will need to organize themselves into various sub-units to effectively make their dynamic sales pitch during the finale segment. The Judging will usually be done by both our Facilitators and event organizers.

Teams will be assigned breakout rooms to generate ideas and plan their presentation, using virtual tools such as white boards and slide shows. Let’s see which ones can survive ‘The Betta Bowl’ and wow us with their fantastic ideas!

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Innovation, collaboration & planning
  • Embracing constructive criticism
  • Presentation skills


I) Remote Scavenger Hunt

Program Summary:

A time-tested classic brought to the virtual world and conveniently right into your team members’ remote work places!

During our Remote Scavenger Hunt program your teams of virtual explorers will be presented with several different lists of various items they’ll need to find and present while racing against the other teams.

However, the twist is that in order to receive each list of items, the teams will need to first complete a mini-problem solving or get-to-know-each other exercise in order to progress through the challenge. This translates into an event that offers a great variety of team learning while enhancing interpersonal bonding.

So get ready for some serious fun, action, and relationship building that will surely benefit your remote workers and organization as a whole.

Key Concepts / Benefits:

  • Communication & planning
  • Time & resource management
  • Developing personal relations


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